About Us

Henderson Rogers Structural Engineers, LLC was established in 2005 with a single goal in mind, to offer Engineering Services superior to those of our predecessors. We are a Principal led firm, and our Principals are actively engaged throughout both project Design and Construction. We believe sharing the knowledge we have gained through Experience is a key component to the successful project and our Principals have practiced for decades, with hundreds of successfully completed projects. Ultimately, we recognize and believe we must share the vision of both Architect and Client if we are to be sustainable in this Industry.

Our Production staff consists of Project Managers, Project Engineers, and BIM Designers, all of which work closely together with the Principals to deliver unparalleled service to our Client and the Project Team. We are highly sensitive to the project’s Architectural design, Budget, and Time constraints, and we focus on delivering Accurate, Thoughtful, Efficient, and Well-Coordinated Engineered Documents and Services. Our Response time to questions or requests for information from all Project team members is unsurpassed, and we have received countless Testimonials to that affect.

We practice in all Building Sectors, but with a particular Focus and Specialization in Aviation, Education, and Healthcare Facilities. These types of projects require unique and comprehensive Engineering knowledge and expertise, which mandates proficient use of the Industry’s State-of-the-Art technology in Engineering and Modeling software. Coupled with our work experience, sound judgement, and passion for the industry, the Synergistic Engineering services delivered by our team continue to be recognized by the leading Architects, Institutions, and Companies in Texas and the United States.

In April 2020, we announced our alignment with DeSimone Consulting Engineers, an acknowledged leader in structural engineering, forensics, facade consulting, and construction and environmental risk management, providing services for the most complex projects around the world. Beginning the same year, DeSimone’s Houston forensics team will operate from our offices. Our team welcomes the opportunity to leverage the resources and service lines of the DeSimone platform in Texas. We believe this move significantly increases our collective ability to provide value at all points in the lifecycle of our clients’ projects.